A big, mature gobbler taken on Big Lazer Creek WMA last season

18 Georgia WMAs You Can Turkey Hunt All Season – No Quota Required

Even if you didn’t get drawn for one of Georgia’s turkey quota hunts, you can still knock the dust off your shotgun and turkey vest and enjoy some spring turkey hunting action! Fortunately for Georgia hunters, there are plenty of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) that are open all season long for turkey hunting. All you have to do is sign in online, or at the WMA check station, and head to the woods.

Keep in mind that many of these WMAs are going to be crowded, especially on the weekends. If you can get out during the week, or wait until later in the season, you’ll have a lot less company. Even if you just hit the WMA a little later in the morning, you may have the place all to yourself.

So here are 18 of the WMAs you can check out this spring. These are all WMAs where 10 or more turkeys were harvested last season. That’s not to say they’re the best. Sometimes the higher harvest is due to the sheer size of the WMA or the higher hunting pressure. But those harvest numbers do indicate that there are good, huntable numbers of turkeys on each of these WMAs.

For a full list of WMAs open for the spring turkey season, pick up a copy of the Georgia DNR’s 2021-2022 Hunting Regulations.

WMAOpen Season DatesTotal 2021 Harvest
Berry College WMAApril 9-May 1530
Big Hammock WMAApril 9-May 1516
Cedar Creek WMAApril 9-May 1521
Cohutta WMAApril 9-May 1544
Cooper's Creek WMAApril 9-May 1519
Coosawattee WMAApril 9-May 1520
Dawson Forest WMAApril 9-May 1543
Horse Creek WMAApril 9-May 1513
John's Mountain WMAApril 9-May 1526
Lake Russell WMAApril 9-May 1527
Little Satilla WMAApril 9-May 1512
Mayhaw WMAApril 9-May 1511
Paulk's Pasture WMAApril 9-May 1513
Pine Log WMAApril 9-May 1527
Redlands WMAApril 9-May 1526
Tuckahoe WMAApril 9-May 1526
Warwoman WMAApril 9-May 1517
Yuchi WMAApril 9-May 1531

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