Episode 48 – Georgia Turkey Update and Season Changes with State Turkey Biologist Emily Rushton


In this episode of the Georgia Afield Hunting Podcast, we are talking with Georgia’s state turkey biologist Emily Rushton. Emily dives into the current state of our turkey population, recent research, and upcoming changes to Georgia’s turkey season. In a nutshell, what the DNR staff will be proposing to the DNR Board of Directors for the 2022 turkey season is:

  • Reduce the turkey season bag limit from 3 to 2 birds
  • Reduce the daily turkey bag limit to 1 bird
  • Push back the turkey season start date one week on private land
  • Push back the turkey season start date on public land to mid-April

If you’re a Georgia turkey hunter, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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  • Why does GA Forestry, DNR and others conduct prescribed wildland controlled burns of turkey habit during turkey nesting season?

    This and hay cutting during nesting season decimates the poults chances of survival.

    While it maybe harder to control the impacts of hogs, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, and avian viruses on the turkey population, delaying of the practices early season burning and hay cutting seems as a low hanging, easy solutions that could be implemented immediately to slow the population decline.