Georgia’s 2022 Spring Turkey Season Dates & Info

Last Updated on April 18, 2022 by Brian Grossman

Georgia’s turkey season underwent major changes for 2022 due to the steady decline in the state’s turkey population. The first of these changes is a one-week shift in the opening day of the statewide turkey season. Going forward, Georgia’s spring turkey season will begin on the first Saturday following March 26. For 2022, the puts opening day on April 2. The season will still close on the traditional May 15 date.

On private lands:

Saturday, April 2 – Sunday, May 15, 2022

Public land hunters will have to wait even longer, as the season for WMAs, VPAs and National Forests will now start no sooner than the second Saturday in April. Each WMA and VPA has it’s own unique turkey season dates and regulations. Some public lands can only be hunted by applying and being drawn for a quota hunt, while others are open to the general public. Again, the dates will vary, so be sure to check out Georgia’s 2021-2022 hunting regulations for the specific area you are interested in hunting. Just know that none of those hunts will start sooner than April 9 for 2022.

On public lands (WMAs, VPAs and National Forests):

Saturday, April 9 – Sunday, May 15, 2022*

*Each WMA and VPA has its own unique season dates and regulations. Be sure to check Georgia’s 2021-2022 hunting regulations for specific turkey hunting information for the tract of public land you are interested in hunting.

In addition to the later start dates, the Georgia DNR reduced the season bag limit from three birds to two birds for the 2022 season, and only one bird can be taken in any given day. For public land hunters, you can only harvest one bird on any given tract of public land, with a season bag limit of two birds total.

The traditional special opportunity turkey season that allows youth and mobility-impaired hunters to get a one-week jump on the season will continue for 2022. That puts this year’s special opportunity season on the weekend of March 26-27, 2022. This season applies to private lands only unless otherwise specified.

Special Opportunity Turkey Season:

Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, March 27, 2022**

**Only for youth 16 years of age or younger and mobility impaired persons. This season does not apply to public lands unless otherwise specified.

Want to learn more about the recent changes to Georgia’s turkey season dates and bag limits? Check out our Hunt the South Podcast episode with Georgia DNR’s turkey biologist, Emily Rushton.

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