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Important Regulation Clarification for 15 Georgia WMAs

Last Updated on July 27, 2022 by Brian Grossman

In the printed copy of the new 2022-2023 Georgia Hunting Regulations, Georgia DNR Staff identified 15 wildlife management areas that needed some clarification relative to each area’s deer season.

The confusion comes with the use of the term “state season” for some archery and primitive weapons seasons.

For example, Clarks Hill, Lanahassee, and Oconee WMAs each list primitive weapons deer season as being open as “state season”. Some hunters may interpret that to mean they can hunt those WMAs from October 15 through January 8, since those are the dates listed for primitive weapons deer season on page 34 of the hunting regulations. However, that is not the case.

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The intention was for those WMAs to be open for primitive weapons season from October 15 through October 21.

Obviously that misinterpretation could cause a real problem for someone primitive weapons deer hunting on Clarks Hill WMA during the month of November. Further clarifications for the 15 WMAs impacted by this wording are listed below.

Guide Listing ReadsWMA or other AreaClarification 
Archery and Primitive Weapons Seasons for Deer listed as “state seasons.”Big Dukes Pond, Elbert County, Fishing Creek, Flat Tub, Germany Creek, Hart County, Lower Broad River, Redlands, Soap Creek, and Tallulah Gorge WMAs, and Oconee NFArchery Deer Season is Sept. 10-Oct. 14; Primitive Weapons Season is Oct. 15-21.
Primitive Weapons Season for Deer listed as “state season.” Clarks Hill, Lanahassee, and Oconee WMAsPrimitive Weapons Season is Oct. 15-21.
Archery Season for Deer listed as “state season.” Yuchi WMAArchery Deer Season is Sept. 10-Oct. 14

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The online and app version of the guide will be updated to reflect these clarifications. Always check those online regulations or the official Outdoors Georgia app before heading afield for the most up-to-date hunting regulations.

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  1. WMA ‘s (Redlands) should be open during the month of December since , and when are they going to do some control burns again? That will help the turkey population

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